varför detta namn på bloggen? inte är väl jag ett. inte heller menar jag väl att det/dem jag nämner är det. kanske är det mest för att exploatera ordet i egen regi, innan någon annan gör det. är det att fnaska? typ



"Every year in Denmark around 2700 people on bicycles gets serious head injuries in traffic accidents. If they had used a bike helmet half of those people would have small bruises instead of having their life changed forever.

In order to have more people use a helmet the designers Mads Nørgaard, Jørgensen Simonsen, Molo Kids and Katvig has designed a bike helmets that will be sold from week 33 ( August 2009) in the discount store chain Netto. The price will approx. be 20-25 euros and the profit from the sale will be donated to the Danish organisations of Hjerneskadeforegningen og HjerneSagen (organisations that focuses and researches on brain damages).

“More and more people uses bike helmets today and for a lot of people is has become a natural article of garment when bicycling. It is given that we in the fashion industry should try to design a fashionable bike helmet. And when it even supports such great organisations as Hjerneskadeforegningen and HjerneSagen then it even makes more sense”, — says Mads Nørgaard

The campaign “Safe helmet – affordable and fashionable helmets for all” is developed by Rikke Mørkegaard. The campaign is supported by the ‘Council of Greater Traffic Security’ which is an administration that consists of 42 organisations from the private as well as the public sector."

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